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Cyclecraft, published by The Stationery Office, is the definitive guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for both adults and children. Whether you are new to cycling, looking to extend your skills, or wanting to know how best to teach your children to cycle, Cyclecraft offers practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently and safely in modern traffic conditions.

Contents include:

Cyclecraft is closely associated with Bikeability and the National Standard for Cycle Training. This edition of Cyclecraft has been thoroughly revised, in part to reflect experience gained through implementation of the National Standard.

The author of Cyclecraft, John Franklin, is a consultant and registered Expert Witness on cycling skills and safety and was a member of the reference group that set up the National Standard.

Recommendation from RoSPA

Among its many areas of concern, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents works to encourage high standards of safety amongst cyclists. Cyclecraft contains invaluable advice which will contribute greatly to road safety: RoSPA has no hesitation in recommending it as essential reading.

Also available in mobi (Kindle) and epub e-book formats

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Cyclecraft is endorsed by the Bikeability Trust, Cycling UK (the national cycling charity) and individual cycle training organisations, including LifeCycle UK who provided valuable assistance for the photographs used in the book.