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Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular activity, both as transport and for leisure. However, knowledge about cycling safety, how cyclists should ride, and the strengths and limitations of the cyclist + cycle combination is far from commonplace. Moreover, cycling suffers more than most activities from a legacy of prejudices and misconceptions.

When falls or collisions take place, circumstances can be complex, requiring experience to distinguish between cause and effect. What standards are to be expected of cyclist or infrastructure? When is a 'safe' route unsafe? Why has one person come to grief when others haven't?

I may be able to assist you in any of these matters.


I am able to prepare reports and give evidence in court (on behalf of Plaintiff or Defendant) or at inquiries in the following fields:

I am not able to give evidence with regard to cycling as a competitive sport, except insofar as this concerns the way that cyclists ride on the highway.

Court experience

To February 2020, I had given evidence 23 times in the courts of England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and (by affidavit) Canada.

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If you are uncertain as to whether I might be able to help, give me a call! I make no charge for preliminary advice.

Mr John Franklin
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